Metabolisme Gizi

Oral administration of aqueous extract considerably lowered the observed systolic blood pressure induced contractile responses of rat aorta in an in vitro study.These results clearly indicate that hypotensive activity exhibited vascular relaxant activity.Vasorelaxant activities of two secondary metabolites marrubenol and marrubiin were reported in a study from aqueous extract and its cyclohexane fraction. In addition, a considerable lowering in total cholesterol, triglyceride, and lipid levels was also observed due to the same extract.These results were found comparable to the market drug glibenclamide.Furthermore, methanolic extract also showed a signicant increase in tissue glycone and plasma insulin.Thus, this species was recommended as useful in curing autoimmune diabetes.The results showed that ethanol extract exhibited strong protection against the damage caused by carbon tetrachloride. So, in a study, over medicinal plants were investigated for evaluation of antioxidants. Among the fractions, the nbutanol fraction from which four compounds, except dihydroxy, dimethoxy avone, were isolated exhibited highest antioxidant activity in the carotene bleaching assay and linolenic acid model.In this study, antioxidant capacities of methanol and acetone extracts were evaluated using DPPH, HO, total antioxidant capacity, and ironreducing power assays.A signicant inhibition of biolm formation was established in extract of roots at dosedependent manner.The study was done on ethanol, acetone, and ether extracts obtained from leaves, owers, and stems of plant species.Tuberculosis, one of the serious health problems, has developed resistance to some of the antibiotics, which has enforced researchers to create or discover new drugs.In this study, methanol extracts upregulated gene through a transactivation of the NAG promoter at a dose of g mL.A considerable cytotoxic effect with IC at mgmL against tumor cells was also observed.Alcoholic extract and its secondary metabolites showed signicant anticancer activity against U with effective dose for gmL whereas extract and acacetin showed moderate activity against MCF with ED gmL. The result clearly showed ovicidal activity at ppm h.Regarding chemical constituents, diterpenes, avonoids, and phenylpropanoids are the major ones identied.Marrubiin is one of the major labdane diterpenes and exists in higher concentration.Though the plant contains different classes of secondary metabolites, but only marrubiin, marrubenol, and ladanein were well studied and hence other compounds need to be investigated.Clinical trials should be initiated for this plant, which is crucial for the diagnosis of herbal toxicity and development of plantbased new drugs.Floristically, a total of species belonging to genera and families were investigated to be used as economic plants for medicine, food, herbal tea, re and tanning purposes.The species distribution patterns across the families were unequal, with half of the species contributed by families, families with members, and families were monotypic.In terms of the functional trait diversity, herbaceous and perennial woody forms were dominant over the other forms.Out of plant species, were used as single usage, double usage and multiusage.PAST software, a multivariate ecological community analysis software, was used to nd the relationship between ethnobotanical usage and plant species.The collection and complication of all plants of a particular arearegion forms its ora, and the scientic process to inventory this task refers to the oristic study.

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