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Any errors involved in estimating J, may therefore seriously affect the validity of conclusions regarding ad aptation of the capillary bed.Perhaps the most obvious is the change in tortuosity that occurs when a fiber con tracts, either because of the length at which it is held during fixation or because of the method of fixation.If one imagines pieces of string loosely attached along the length of a collapsible tube, the effect is obvious: de creasing fiber length must increase capillary tortuosity.In practice, however, this does not often pose a serious problem.In samples of muscles fixed at resting length from different species ranging from fishes to mammals, we have routinely obtained values for sarcomere length of fixed material that only range between. A more serious problem concerns the presence of anastomoses between neighboring capillaries.ANGIOGENESIS IN SKELETAL AND CARDIAC MUSCLE white blood cell.They may clearly act to increase the transit time of red blood cells, although their ef fect on blood flow distribution is not thought to be im portant. Nevertheless, their contribution to the ef fective surface area of the capillary network surely can not be ignored.The above analysis of JV depends on an axial distribution model that is strictly applicable only where the degree of anisotropy is small.Even in the highly ordered skeletal muscle this may be problemati cal where tortuosity is extensive, as there is a bimodal Dabigatran probability distribution of capillary orientation with two clusters, parallel and per pendicular to the fiber axis.As the uniaxial distribution is orientated parallel to the fiber axis, it may systemati cally underestimate lateral capillary anastomoses.For instance, K would not change if sprouting occurs evenly in both directions, although JV would be increased showed that new capillar ies formed during muscle hypertrophy were preferen tially orientated along the fiber axis, but this does not necessarily apply to other conditions or to the heart.Indeed, a rather large variability in values ofc has been Ivabradine hydrochloride reported in rat hearts, which the authors correlate with the degree of tortuosity and the number of inter capillary anastomoses, although they were un able to differentiate between these parameters.The use of stereology to overcome the pitfalls inher ent in indexes based on single counts clearly has many problems of its own.It can, however, provide a valid alternative to popular indexes such as CF, if the three dimensional relationships are quantified.There are, however, relatively few papers that utilize stereological techniques in the quantitative evaluation of capillary supply.It is therefore necessary to evaluate the use of other indexes used to assess capillary growth.Muscles with small fibers tend to have SF, whereas the growth of vessels around larger fibers tends to in crease the proportion of capillaries with SF. Per haps the most widely quoted global index is the numeri cal CF ratio, but this only reflects true changes in the capillary bed where little or no hyperplasia or hyper trophy occurs.In this regard it is well to note that most situations where a change in capillary supply has been reported also result in some change in mean fiber size.

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