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Histograms and error bars represent the means and standard deviations for at least three independent experiments.Schematic representation of the position of the chromosomal loci whose duplication and localization inside the cell are studied in. Contact maps from at least two independent experiments were established at a kb bin resolution.The contact map of the WT strain reveals the presence of two diagonals. The predominant one represents cis contacts between neighboring loci, whereas the orthogonal one represents contacts between loci located on the two chromosome arms. Chromosome domains of various sizes are observed along the primary diagonal.They are mostly conserved in the contact map of the different mutants investigated here, and their systematic detailed analysis is the subject of another study. Abscissa and Targetmol’s Genistein ordinate axis represent genomic coordinates, oriC being located in the center, with the left and right chromosome arms indicated in blue and pink, respectively.The same conventions will be used hereafter to schematize chromosome maps of the different strains.Histograms and error bars represent the means and standard deviations for two independent experiments.As expected, the two tags are located close together in the WT strain; when one tag is located in one cell half, the second tag is mostly localized in the same cell half.The width of the primary diagonal corresponds to the range of cis contacts of chromosomal loci. To do that, we used two different strains containing a single parS site located either kb away from oriC on the right chromosome arm. The contact maps of these mosome arm indicate that the secondary diagonal is displaced according to the parS location on the genome.It appears more variable in intensity than in the WT strain the frequency of contacts between the two chromosome arms is higher near the parS site than in the distal part; however, the entirety of the chromosome arms are juxtaposed.Another striking feature of these contact maps is the difference observed in the range of cis contacts for loci belonging to the two chromosome arms. This range is extended for the chromosome arm that does not encompass the parS site. In contrast, the median range of cis contacts for the other arm is similar to the WT strain, kb.We checked that the ectopic origin was indeed functional by marker frequency analysis, meaning that newly replicated regions are generated from both oriC.The abscissa and the parS and ordinate axis represent genomic coordinates.We compared the results obtained in the engineered strains carrying two oriC. In the WT strain, the chromosomal locus located close to oriC is separated earlier than the two other loci, located purchase DAPT farther away on the chromosome arms.Strikingly, in the strain carrying two oriC, the separation of the locus located next to the ectopic oriC is advanced compared to the WT strain.This is neither the case for the locus located on the other chromosome arm. This suggests coordination of both condensin activities with the replication process. The abscissa and ordinate axis represent genomic coordinates.Cells containing the L and one of the other tags were analyzed.The number of foci cells is represented according to cell length.

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