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The abscissa and ordinate axis represent genomic coordinates.Since then, a considerable amount of evidence has accumulated, including the direct visualization of loop formation in vitro by yeast condensin. Properties of these complexes may account for the different outcomes observed.These complexes may load onto the chromosome at different locations and extrude DNA, promoting longrange cis contact formation all over the chromosome. The position of parS site determines the orientation of the chromosome in the cell.Considering that both complexes promote the formation of longrange cis contacts, it is tempting to speculate that this is how they contribute to segregation.Science. Science. Plasmids allowing insertion of chromosomal tags and their visualization using uorescent proteins have been described previously. The deletion construct for smc was generated by amplifying anking regions by the PCR and then splicing the anking regions together by overlap extension PCR, replacing the smc gene by a bp linker sequence GAATTC. For uorescent microscopy experiments, strains were grown overnight in LB, diluted times in minimal medium A supplemented with. mM for observation of chromosomal tags.Observation of chromosomal loci was performed as described previously. The digested DNA was split in four aliquots, and diluted in mL ligation buffer. Ligation was performed at C for h, followed by incubation overnight and ml EDTA mM.After hat C, DNA was pelleted, suspended in ml X TE buffer.The remaining four tubes were directly incubated with ml of proteinase K overnight at C.Ligase was inactivated by incubating the tubes at C for min.Only reads with mapping quality were kept to establish contact maps.Approximatively millions of reads were recovered for each sample.Local kbwindow values deviating by more than from the local kbwindow values were discarded from the analysis.Briey, each read was assigned to a restriction fragment.Noninformative events such as selfcircularized restriction fragments, or uncut colinear restriction fragments were discarded. The genome was then binned into kb units and the corresponding contact map generated and normalized through the sequential component normalization procedure. Next, we used a point connecting algorithm, in order to be able to discriminate background from signicant interactions.For comparison purposes, we xed the limits of the chromosomal regions according to the chromosome conguration.A boxplot representation is then used, allowing visualization of the whole range of cis contacts for every considered chromosome region.Remarkably, despite the fact that replicate contact maps may present different level of background noise, this method to estimate the range of cis contacts along the chromosome arms gives similar results.s for the main gures, as it tted best with the observed contact maps.Cell Reports, November, e Moreover, it provided a new idea that natural compounds may be the target library to screen the potential drugs used in poultry to increase the egg quality and yield.It also has estrogenlike activity and can stimulate corticosterone secretion.However, no signicant dierences were observed for the expression of proliferating cell nuclear antigen. In order to increase egg production, amoxicillin, ciprooxacin and other drugs were used to prevent avian epidemics and increase egg production which has caused drug residues in eggs. Moreover, due to indiscriminate use and inappropriate higher doses, antimicrobial drugs result in an accumulation of harmful residues in edible tissues of poultry which are potential direct threats to humans in the form of toxicity.

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