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Although ferritin plays a vital role in iron metabolism by storing excess cellular iron, its precise function in the brain, and whether it involves melatonins neuroprotection remain unexplored.However, the mechanism of ferroptosis has not been exploited greatly in the context of TBI.Given that ferroptosis may play an important role in the pathophysiological process of TBI, to find new approaches, aiming to block ferroptosisrelated cell death, may help decrease the risk of TBI and increase the chances of recovery.Iron is also required for the accumulation of lipid peroxides and the execution of ferroptosis.Abnormal iron homeostasis has been implicated in ferroptosis, resulting in central nervous system pathological conditions.Patients with inherited disorders that develop abnormal iron accumulation share motor, cognitive, and intellectual disability.Ferritin is a heteropolymer composed of subunits of heavy types which can store up to atoms of iron.Melatonin is synthesized by the pineal gland and other organs.Decreased expression of MT and MT was observed within the frontal cortex during the acute period postTBI in rats.However, whether the neuroprotective ability of melatonin in the experimental TBI model dependent upon the presence and activation of melatonin receptors is not known.In the present study, using liproxstatin as a positive control, we first investigated whether ferroptosis is involved in the effects of melatonins neuroprotection following TBI.We then exploited whether melatonins neuroprotection against ferroptosis is dependent on MTMT in a mouse TBI model, using melatonin receptor antagonists. A tamoxifen stock solution was then prepared by dissolving and sonicating tamoxifen in autoclaved vegetable oil.Afterwards, animals were anesthetized using pentobarbital sodium, followed by xation in a prone position in a stereotaxic apparatus. The vehicle was administered to the mice hafter TBI and once daily until sacrifice.It was dissolved in DMSO was also administered by intraperitoneal injection hafter TBI and once a day until sacrifice.The ipsilateral cortical sample was isolated, fully were then centrifuged at gfor minutes at C, and the supernatants were preserved as protein samples at C for later use.The samples were subjected to or SDSPAGE, and then transferred to polyvinylidene uoride membranes. Cortical malondialdehyde following the manufacturers instructions. In brief, the ipsilateral cortex was weighed and homogenized in cold PBS on ice.Tissue lysates were then centrifuged at, gat C for min to harvest the supernatant.In brief, blood samples were harvested and centrifuged at rpm for min to obtain serum.The homogenate was then centrifuged at, g for min at C and the supernatant was harvested.For total iron assay, L iron reducer was added to each sample or standard well.The mixture was incubated at C for min, and the output was promptly measured on a colorimetric microplate reader. Shrunken andor contained vacuoles, and darker in the stained nuclei were observed in the cell bodies of injured neurons, compared with normal neurons.In brief, coronal brain sections were immersed in a basic alcohol solution for minutes.After washing with PBS, the sections were incubated with secondary antibodies for hat room temperature.One test included three trials and the average value was regarded as the final score each day.Briefly, mice were trained in the MWM on days before TBI.

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