Protein Cacing Darah

However, many obstacles cannot be ignored in the study of the direct target of TCM, such as the complex ingredients in it, the complex process of metabolism in vivo, the complicated way playing a role in vivo, and so on.At present, technical methods to screen and determine the direct targets for TCM efficiently and accurately are still poorly developed, which hinders elucidating the mechanisms of TCM essentially.The copyright holder for this preprint is the authorfunder.Although many research articles about CDDP have been published already, the research on its mechanism of action is still not indepth. Most studies focused on the genes or proteins regulated by CDDP treatment, most of which can be referred as indirect targets, but there is no report on the direct targets of CDDP.At present, kinases belong to an important class of drug targets.Among them, protein kinases family is the largest group of kinases, which act on specific proteins and change their activities.These kinases play a wide range of roles in cell signaling and complex life activities, and their dysfunction plays an important causal role in many human diseases, including cancer, inflammatory diseases, central nervous system diseases, cardiovascular diseases and so on. In view of the importance of kinases, we proposes a new systematic approach to explore direct reasch Empagliflozin kinase targets of TCM efficiently and reliably, CDDP was taken as the research subject.This strategy is based on the known activity data recorded in free databases and predicted data calculated by computational models, which is independent of any specific disease model.Firstly, the literature database of CDDP was constructed by literature retrieval, and the important components contained in CDDP were extracted.Finally, the literature database of CDDP was constructed by combining the above literatures from two sources.The copyright holder for this preprint is the authorfunder.The kinase targets with definite activity information were standardized and screened.Finally, all potential targets of each component were normalized and the kinase targets were selected.It enables users to predict its potential kinase targets based on the structure of a given molecule.The copyright holder for this preprint is the authorfunder.Firstly, the filter binding radioactive kinase activity assays were performed by using gml of CDDP.The kinase activity inhibition rate of the sample were expressed as the percentage of the result of sample compared to the blank group.The kinase activity of the blank was considered to be. Generally speaking, if the residual enzyme activity is less than, it is considered to be strongly inhibited.And if the residual enzyme activity is between and, it is considered as moderate inhibition.Considering the weak interaction superposition characteristic and synergistic effect of TCM ingredients, the threshold value in this study was set to. In order to get the dosedependent kinase targets, the kinase targets with activity value less than were retested at gml of CDDP.Through literature reading manually, the components information of CDDP was extracted.According to the screening criteria of important ingredients, a total of ingredients were collected.In addition, quercetin, a potential important component of the whole prescription was also included for subsequent analysis, which was reported a lot in single herbs but has not been confirmed in the whole prescription.

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