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At the lowfrequency region, the spike region arises owing to EP. The EP phenomenon occurs as a result of the growth of electric doublelayer, as a consequence of free charge accumulation at the solid electrolyte and electrode interface. Accordingly, at the low frequency, it is supposedly for the complex impedance to show a straight line parallel to the imaginary axis.In other words, the straight lines inclination ought to be, and the blocking doublelayer capacitance at the blocking electrodes is responsible for the inclination. The dependency of conductivity of electrolytes on the number density and the mobility of the ions is wellknown and has been mathematically shown: where denotes the carrier density,qdenotes simple charge, and represents mobility.Table shows the DC conductivity values of electrolyte samples at ambient temperature.It is worthmentioning that glycerol is helpful in improving lies between DC conductivity in polymer electrolytes when plasticized.The more insight into the inuence of glycerol as a plasticizer in polymer electrolytes has been discussed in the next section. Therefore, the determination of crystallinity is not only useful in determining the molecular structure of a crystalline polymer but also in comprehensive understanding and rationalizing the intrinsic properties of polymeric materials. In the previous work, it has been emphasized that chitosan possesses a range of crystalline peaks centered at and in the XRD pattern.The rigid crystalline structure of chitosan is mainly kept via hydrogen bonding, including intermolecular and intramolecular. It is clearly seen that with increasing glycerol, the peak intensity decreases, and the broadness increases.Earlier CID1231538 studies have conrmed that plasticizer incorporation to polymer electrolytes is helpful for increasing both the conductivity and the amorphous phase. Plasticizers also reduce the number of active centers, thereby weakening the intermolecular and intramolecular forces between the polymer chains.Consequently, the reduction in the degree of crystallinity makes the salt dissociation capability to be guaranteed, and as a consequence, an enhancement of charge carrier transport occurs. Under steadystate conditions, the movement of mobile ions is balanced by the diusion process stated that during the polarization process, the stainless steel electrodes are responsible for the current ow blocking of ions as a result of the passing of electrons only through the solid metallic electrodes.It is observed that there is no noticeable current ow at the potential below. V, indicating the absence of electrochemical reactions. The nal potential of the window of the electrolyte ends at. It is interesting to note that the CV shape turns from leafshape to rectangular as the scan rate is decreased.To explain this phenomenon, the factor of the type of electrodes is crucial because the dierence in internal resistance and porosity causes the shape of CV response to be an imperfect rectangular shape. Instead, both cations and anions in the EDLC migrate to negative and positive electrodes, respectively, during the charging process.The anion is attracted by the positive electrode, while the opposite situation occurs at the negative electrode.The high electric eld holds the ions and electrons by electrolyte and electrode, respectively. This indicates the development of a doublelayer charge at the surface of carbon electrodes, where the energy is stored in the form of potential energy.

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